By Kate Ward
Updated June 08, 2011 at 11:15 PM EDT

Who would have thought that dude with the ponytail from Law & Order: SVU and the woman who hosts “Thong Thursday” on her Twitter feed would be the two halves involved in our modern-day version of a fairy tale romance? Likely, very few, yet here are Ice-T and Coco, the latest Hollywood couple prepared to share their love on the small-screen in E!’s new reality series Ice Loves Coco, premiering June 12.

Give me any other couple in Hollywood, and I’d groan. (And, in fact, I have groaned.) But these two? Honestly, I don’t think I’ve been more excited for a new reality series since… is “ever” an option? Because I can’t help it: I love Ice-T and Coco almost as much as Ice loves Coco. They’re eccentric. They both support celebrating the female form, regardless of its shape. They’re both named after types of foods that, together, could inspire a Dunkin’ Donuts drink. And, most importantly, they renew my faith in love.

How sad is that? Keep in mind this is coming from someone who scoffs at engagements during The Bachelor and waterworks on Biggest Loser. I am no sap. But Ice-T and Coco just do me in. There’s something about the way he looks at her and regularly plays with her absurdly large derriere in public that truly makes me believe that there is true love in this bleak, lonely Earth. Just look at this clip from E!, embedded below, in which the couple talk about their Las Vegas wedding. Who doesn’t want to hug the man who rapped “Tell me what you want / I’ll make your life complete / She said, I always wanted to be a ho” hearing him say, “I got choked up too,” about their nuptials? What a romantic!

Also: E!’s new slogan should definitely be, “If it’s Sunday, you know you’re watching E! Or you’re stupid.”

Who hopes one day they find as much love as Ice-T and Coco?

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