The Anthony Weiner scandal has poked its head into the pop-culture conversation, and if it ultimately costs the congressman his ambitions to run for mayor of New York City, it may open the door for an actor to throw his hat in the ring. The Daily cites sources close to Alec Baldwin hinting that the 30 Rock star is contemplating running for mayor in 2013. His rep, Matthew Hiltzik, fueled the rumors, telling EW only, "I wouldn't rule it out."

Baldwin has long expressed a fascination with politics, recently telling CNN's Eliot Spitzer that running for office is "something that I'm very, very interested in." Baldwin's contract with 30 Rock expires at the end of next season, so it's possible that the timing could be right for him to take the plunge. He certainly wouldn't be the first actor to do so: Reagan, Arnold, Congressman "Gopher."

Though an official decision is still far far away, potential rivals should take heed. Baldwin has name recognition that blows them all of the water. He's a well-known Yankee fan. And have you seen his hair? Mitt Romney himself wishes he had that mane! He can build an entire campaign around it.

Baldwin told Spitzer in January that he'd been approached from time to time to run for office, so this might be his opportunity. I'd like to encourage him by suggesting some campaign slogans that would inspire the populace while reminding them of his work on the screen. Vote below for the best "Baldwin 2013" campaign slogan.

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