By Aly Semigran
Updated June 07, 2011 at 09:18 PM EDT

Take Brendan Gleeson, give him an unorthodox partner, and put them in a world of crime and you’ve got, well, 2008’s brilliant In Bruges. Now it seems writer/director John Michael McDonagh (brother of In Bruges director Martin) has taken a lot of those similar elements and given them a bit of a tweak for his latest crime comedy The Guard, the trailer for which hit the web today.

Still, things are a bit different this time around, as instead of playing a merciful hit man, Gleeson stars a racist, bumbling Irish cop who is teamed up with Cheadle — a fish-out-of-water FBI agent — to take down drug-smugglers in West Ireland. Gleeson and Cheadle’s odd couple rapport and banter (“It’s a Gaelic-speaking region, didn’t they teach in Langley?” “Langley’s the CIA, you idiot, not the FBI!”) are the main draw for the trailer of the Sundance flick. Of course, if The Guard becomes a dark horse summer sleeper hit, the real power duo here, despite Cheadle’s always-welcome screen presence, would be Gleeson and McDonagh.

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