Water for Elephants lead and recent recipient of the MTV’s Generations Award Reese Witherspoon has set up her next movie project: EW has confirmed that she’ll star in — and produce — the comedy Who Invited Her? from DreamWorks Studios. The project’s official logline describes it as a movie “about a woman who insists on tagging along on a guy’s bachelor party weekend.” Could it be The Hangover with a female component? Surely sounds like it. And who wouldn’t want to channel a little bit of that Hangover box-office magic?

Novelist Sascha Rothchild, who is writing and executive producing her book How To Get Divorced By 30 into a comedy for Universal, is set to pen the script, while The Soloist‘s Gary Foster and Russ Kransnoff will produce alongside Witherspoon, who has recently been taking more behind-the-scenes roles in movies like the yet-to-be-released comedy This Means War, which stars Tom Hardy and Chris Pine.

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