By Darren Franich
June 07, 2011 at 04:02 PM EDT

Some comic book movies like to play the mystery-buzz game, keeping their big visuals, plots, and even the actual names of their characters under wraps right up until the release date. And then there’s Green Lantern, which has released trailer after trailer after extended trailer. It’s understandable that Warner Bros. would feel the need to open the floodgates for Lantern: the Ryan Reynolds-starring film is the studio’s first attempt to launch a non-Superman, non-Batman franchise since Catwoman, which we won’t linger on. Moreover, the character has a uniquely complex superhero mythology — and to judge by the the eight minutes of Lantern footage that just hit Cinema Blend, the movie is trying to hit basically everything. So witness footage of Planet Oa, of literally hundreds of Green Lanterns, and of baddie Hector Hammond, who I swear looks even more ridiculous in the comics. (Fans will enjoy the fact that Blake Lively’s call-sign is “Sapphire.”) The most interesting video shows Ryan Reynolds battling against Parallax, a galactic supervillain rendered here as a Lostian accumulation of homicidal black smoke. Check it out:

Film fans, do you like what you’ve seen from Green Lantern? Or have you seen too much? Do you wish they’d held certain details back?

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