By Mandi Bierly
Updated June 07, 2011 at 03:29 PM EDT

Last night’s episode of The Bachelorette was the one fans were waiting for: Bentley, who’s been telling the camera for some time that he couldn’t care less about Ashley but who she inexplicably fell in love with, left the show. Personally, I was hoping he’d come clean to her so she would get the chance to slap his smug face, but what he did was far more cruel and cowardly: He waited until the morning after he’d assured her they were on the same page to tell her that he missed his daughter too much to share his heart with her now — but not to rule out something in the future (“… dot dot dot”). Watch the footage below.

It’s so painful watching her let him pretend to comfort her when, in his confessional, he talks coldly about all her crying and how, after she wrapped her legs around him for a standing hug, he thought about having sex with her.

What could possibly compete with that crapfest? The worst group-date concept EVER. Ashley and the majority of her suitors met up with roast master Jeffrey Ross to ROAST ASHLEY — because she likes to laugh. This was a horrible idea because all the guys know about her at this point is that she has small breasts (which they repeatedly told her) and that she is not Emily or Chantal, which William used against her and made her cry. Adding insult to injury, when Bentley — who felt the same way but was “smart” enough not to say it to her face — comforted her, he made her promise that her eyes were closed so he could give a smirk to the camera. Watch that class act below as well.

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