By Sandra Gonzalez
June 06, 2011 at 05:20 PM EDT
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Week 5 of EW’s 2011 Summer Movie Body Count continues with X-Men: First Class. For those of you who do not possess memory-related superpowers, here’s a reminder of the rules. SPOILER ALERT: Things are about to get messy!

Note to self: Next year, fight to do Summer Movie Body Count on the next installment of Kung Fu Panda. Because in the first five minutes of X-Men: First Class, we had two men dead after Erik Lehnsherr (Michael Fassbender) crushed their metal helmets like beer cans at a frat party (while they were wearing them!), one dead mom (you can’t have a superhero movie without a parental tragedy), and a holocaust. The latter doesn’t count toward our overall total, however, because the deaths happened off-screen.

By far the deadliest part of the movie was the rival mutants’ siege on the CIA building where the feds were keeping the mini-X-Men. We had federal agents falling from the sky, people! I counted six for sure, but later, I saw the ground littered with more bodies — about 20 more. Then we had the giant explosion when gun-wielding feds went up in flames after the arrival of Sebastian Shaw (Kevin Bacon). (I love a guy that knows how to make an entrance.) I gave the death count an extra 35 for this awesome display. In total (including a few up-close deaths), the siege on the CIA added about 66 deaths to the total. Impressive. Darwin (Edi Gathegi) was the only non-federal death.

Along with this massive loss of life, X-Men also contributed what I consider this summer’s best death yet: Shaw, who experienced death by coin. Not only was it poetic, but it was gruesome. The sound effects (you could hear the coin slowly inching through his head!) were the disgusting cherry on top of this sundae of death. Bravo, X-Men. Bravo.

In total, X-men added 77 deaths to our overall count, bringing us to 264 for the summer. We’re doing well so far. The movie would have clocked a much higher number, but there were a number of off-screen deaths and debatable matters that are not reflected in the total, such as feds on jet skis (they were only tossed into the water), soldiers who were guarding the house and got tossed into barbed wire (they were alive with Xavier got to them), and an entire ship crew.

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