Austin’s Alamo Drafthouse, which EW has named the best movie theater in America, has a strict no talking policy dating back to 1997, which also prohibits patrons from texting. Recently, a moviegoer kept texting after two warnings, and she was ejected from the theater without a refund, as per the theater’s policy. She left the theater an angry, expletive-filled voicemail — which it has now turned into a “Don’t Talk or Text” PSA that will be played in front of all of its R-rated movies this weekend. Brilliant. Below, you’ll find the bleeped version. (Play the uncensored version here.) This is a friendly PopWatch reminder that the light on your cellphone IS a distraction for those seated around you, no matter what kind of movie you’re watching (popcorn or Oscar contender), how bad it is, or how quickly you can move your thumbs. And to this caller, who says she’s texted in every other theater in Austin and no one minded — they did.

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