By Mandi Bierly
June 03, 2011 at 08:53 PM EDT
Barry Wetcher, MTV

Yes, MTV’s Teen Wolf, which premieres Sunday at 11 p.m. ET after the MTV Movie Awards, is a reboot of the film that hit theaters in 1985. But here’s what will really make you feel old — the lead actor, Tyler Posey, played Jennifer Lopez’s adorable son in the 2002 movie Maid in Manhattan. Should find myself starting to enjoy the shirtless shots of him, I’ll remind myself of that. Hopefully his slightly older werewolf mentor (Tyler Hoechlin) will also vie for my attention.

MTV has posted the first eight minutes of the premiere, which are, frankly, kinda boring. But it ends with him getting bitten, which is no doubt where the fun starts, as seen in the series’ promising trailer.

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