By Kate Ward
June 03, 2011 at 11:24 AM EDT

Hey, Sweet Valley fans! How many of you loyalists out there are still trying to get over the fact that Jessica Wakefield became (SPOILER ALERT) Mrs. Todd Wilkins in Sweet Valley Confidential? That Elizabeth Wakefield hooked up with Bruce Patman? Well, I deliver to you an antidote to the Confidential withdrawal: The Sweet Life, a digital-only spin-off series from St. Martins.

The publisher has not yet responded to EW’s requests for comment, but it appears as though the series might focus on Elizabeth and Jessica Wakefield in their 20s. UPDATE: St. Martins confirms that the series will pick up three years after Confidential. Does that mean we’ll delve into Jessica’s sure-to-be-rocky married life? And see if Elizabeth will soon get a ring of her own? Personally, I loved the tidy bow that Confidential wrapped up, but, then again, the Wakefields’ adult life has been yet untapped. I’m dying to see more of Lila Fowler, Enid Rollins, and the out-of-the-closet Steven Wakefield. Squee, there is so much opportunity for trashy scandal, my mother might just ban me from reading a series of Sweet Valley books again! (Though, admittedly, it’s easier to hide a digital book than a Sweet Valley University paperback under your bed.)

Who’s pumped? And what storylines do you hope The Sweet Life delivers? Will Todd’s old feelings for Elizabeth return? Will Bruce begin to miss sunny California in New York? Will that hot bartender somehow find his way into Jessica’s bed? What do you think?

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