By Sandra Gonzalez
Updated December 20, 2019 at 03:50 AM EST

About two weeks ago, I pondered (jokingly) how Castle should resolve the cliffhanger that it left us fans on. But your discussion turned so interesting (I read every comment!), how about we play this game again, this time taking on Supernatural, which aired its finale exactly two weeks ago tonight. (And we can hit on a different show every week during the summer, if you’d like.)

Refresher (or read the recap): The end of Supernatural left us with the reveal that Castiel was assuming the position as the new God after having taken more than his fair share of the souls he and Crowley had rounded up for the Purgatory party. Yes, thee God, who art in… everywhere.

Now, we’ve heard that Castiel’s portrayer Misha Collins will not be returning as a regular next season, which I feel won’t be all that noticeable given that I didn’t think he had much “regular” airtime this season to begin with. Still, it’s a strange move for a character whose storyline was the peg of this year’s cliffhanger. So part of me thinks they’re going to start next season by letting this “Castiel is God” thing stand as a fact and move on, dealing with the repercussions in spurts. Maybe they will even start next season with a time jump. And, honestly, I’d be fine with moving on from souls and purgatory. I feel like that story was told very completely this season and there’s no need to drag it out. But then what?

Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid is one inspiration for the impending season that’s been mentioned already, which sounds a bit like season 1. Do you hope we see a return to that? Or do you want to see a new, big scary foe? Or should we just have 22 meta episodes and just constantly dump Dean and Sam into different worlds and scenarios, starting first (I propose) with a nude beach. Kidding! Or…

Your turn! How do you envision the first scene of season 7? And where should they go from there?

Also, pipe up if there’s another show you want to talk about next week. Tell me on Twitter: @EWSandraG

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