By Kate Ward
Updated June 03, 2011 at 01:42 PM EDT
Credit: Lennox McLendon/AP Images

The Detroit Free Press has reported that controversial doctor Jack Kevorkian passed away Friday at the age of 83. He died following struggles with his heart and kidney.

Kevorkian, who has been nicknamed “Dr. Death,” was an advocate for assisted suicide for terminally ill patients, and even helped over one hundred terminally ill patients in the 1990s end their lives. As one could imagine, this practice wasn’t embraced by all: Kevorkian found himself convicted of second-degree murder in 1999 — and lost his medical license — after a 60 Minutes segment featuring him euthanizing a patient aired on CBS. (Authorities had previously attempted to try him four separate times, but the trials resulted in acquittals and mistrials.)

His story, however, was still of interest ten years later. After Kevorkian was freed in 2007, Al Pacino played the embattled doctor in an HBO movie, You Don’t Know Jack. Pacino also picked up an Emmy win for his work, and thanked the “brilliant and interesting” Kevorkian, who was sitting in the audience.