By Kate Ward
Updated June 03, 2011 at 05:00 PM EDT

It’s hot. You’re hot. So get out of the 80-degree-plus weather and into a nice, cool movie theater were you can not only enjoy the latest theatrical release, but also the GetGlue status of ultimate summer movie junkie. This summer, Entertainment Weekly is partnering with GetGlue to reward you, dear readers, with badges for checking into some of the season’s most anticipated releases. (See the list of 15 films here.)

Before we get to the details, some background info for the uninitiated: GetGlue is an app that allows you to earn stickers for checking into movies, TV shows, books, games, magazines, and other apps. The more movies, etc., you check into, the more stickers you collect. Should you become a GetGlue addict, expect to get real versions of the virtual stickers sent your way in the mail.

But there’s an added incentive to checking out our list of summer must-see movies: You could win free movie tickets! So download the GetGlue app and head to your local theater to be awarded a Summer Movie Fan, a Summer Movie Maven, a Summer Movie Savant, and (if you’re really good), a Summer Movie Diehard. See more details here, and one word of advice: With all these films on your checklist, you might want to go easy on the buttered popcorn this season.