When Jodie Foster speaks French, no one bats an eyelash. Colin Firth drops some Italian at a presser and the world doesn’t stop. But Bradley Cooper unveils his fluent French tongue, and the Internets overheat! You can practically hear the panting on the message boards: “This just made him 100 times MORE sexy!!! HOOOOOT,” exclaimed one fan. Take a look.

But what’s the big deal? Is it the French language in particular that sounds so wonderful coming out of Cooper’s mouth? Would fluent German be as alluring? (Recall in A Fish Called Wanda that Jamie Lee Curtis had a weak spot for men who spoke Italian.) The fuss over Cooper’s bilingual talent seems to be wrapped in surprise that the Hangover star — and Georgetown graduate who spent some of his college years in France — can speak the language. So are we giving Cooper extra credit because he’s… well… like… really, really handsome? Like a beautiful girl who knows everything about sports. You’re gorgeous and you can speak French! Amazing!

J’accuse! Does every man become 100 times hotter speaking French? Or just hunky actors who star in R-rated comedies?

The Hangover
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