By Aly Semigran
Updated June 02, 2011 at 08:45 PM EDT
Fear Factor

Oh, Michael Scott, so many things are happening in the pop culture world this week that have made us think of you. First, Donald Trump and Sarah Palin got themselves “a real New York slice” like you did when you visited the Big Apple, and now one of your favorite programs, Fear Factor, is getting ready to head back to television, as EW exclusively reported earlier today.

While there’s no word on whether a Todd Packer-fied mystery carpet will serve as a challenge or if original host Joe Rogan will return (presumably for midseason or next summer), other Fear Factor fans like Mr. Scott should be thrilled that the reality series is being revived by NBC. I, on the other hand, fear the Factor. Not so much for their crazy stunts in which willing (seriously, why?!) contestants dangle from high altitudes or reach excessive speeds, but because I simply cannot stomach all the gross-out gags. Gag being the operative word here.

All those challenges in which people have to eat disgusting concoctions or, say, stick their head in a vat of worms like poor Coolio did during the celebrity edition episode (pictured), made me change the channel without fail. While NBC’s head of alternative programming Paul Telegdy assured EW, “We don’t necessarily need to do the stuff with maximum shock value,” I worry that viewers, who have become almost desensitized to torture entertainment from movies like the Saw series, will demand more things that make you go, “Ewwwwww!”

Of course, I could be very much alone in my thinking here and the return of Fear Factor will be an awesome one thanks to its ’90s nostalgia and the always-welcome escapism aspect of reality TV.

Please, just please, no more worms.

Are you excited that Fear Factor will be coming back or are you grossed out just thinking about it, PopWatchers?

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