After the critical success of Limitless (and the box office success of The Hangover Part II), Bradley Cooper is taking another serious turn in The Place Beyond the Pines. Variety reports Cooper has closed his deal to star as a rookie cop tailing a pro motorcycle rider (Ryan Gosling) who starts robbing banks to support his newborn son. The film will reunite Gosling with his Blue Valentine director Derek Cianfrance, who also cowrote the script. My thoughts:

• I’m all for Cooper showing range, and critics, including EW’s Owen Gleiberman, agreed that Limitless proved he was a movie star. But selfishly, I’m hoping that Cianfrance doesn’t “ugly him up” like he did Gosling for the part of Blue Valentine they didn’t show you in the trailer.

If Cooper and Gosling are transformed to look more “interesting,” I will hold out hope that that buddy-cop comedy Cooper and real-life pal Ryan Reynolds attached themselves to last summer is still in development.

• Fingers crossed The Place Beyond the Pines also involves a hostess/waitress who’s friendly with both the cop and criminal — because that’s probably the closest I’ll ever get to a remake of the underrated Tequila Sunrise.

• Wait, pro motorcycle rider? So that’s how Gosling will escape from jobs?

• Can we think of a reason Cooper’s character will need to speak fluent French?

What do you think?

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