Hey, remember when Johnny Depp surprised a group of kids in London by showing up at their school in character as Captain Jack Sparrow? Well, this story is kind of the opposite of that one. A staff developer who works for Tenafly Elementary Schools in New Jersey is in hot water for promising kids an appearance by Lady Gaga herself — then delivering a Lady Gaga impersonator instead.

The district employee told administrators that she’s friends with Lady Gaga and that the star would give an anti-bullying presentation to the district’s third, fourth, and fifth graders via Skype. But at the eleventh hour, according to the developer, the First Lady of Pop suddenly wasn’t available — so she hired a Lady Gaga impersonator to give the talk and hoped none of the students would notice the difference. (Michael Ranaldi, a fourth grader, told his mother that “he thought the presentation was weird because the woman was wearing glasses and typing all of the answers to questions supposedly because her microphone was disabled.” Verrry sneaky.) The staffer also gave the kids photos of the star supposedly signed by Gaga herself.

I can’t help but think that maybe this is all an elaborate plan to get the real Lady Gaga to show up in Tenafly. After all, the singer does have a reputation for being good to her fans, and nobody loves stunts more than she does. It wouldn’t be surprising, then, if the Lady decides to make good on the developer’s promise upon hearing the Saga of Fake Gaga. Either way, I’m betting the kids aren’t too upset; the presentation and the resulting scandal are probably the most exciting things to happen to North Jersey’s elementary schools since, well… ever.

What do you think would be an appropriate punishment for this deceitful staff developer? Should she be locked in egg-cell solitary confinement for a couple hours? Forced to walk around Jersey in the sweltering summer heat wearing only a meat dress? Or maybe just placed at the mercy of the Little Monsters?

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