By Aly Semigran
May 31, 2011 at 06:17 PM EDT

As many of you have agreed in the comments sections, the decision to cast Donald Sutherland as the sinister President Snow in The Hunger Games is nothing short of an inspired choice. And while there’s no doubt that Sutherland’s brilliant and versatile decades-spanning career landed him the part of the ruthless ruler of Panem, the one flick that may have really helped to get him there was… Astro Boy?!

Yes, it turns out during his impressive career, Sutherland has only played President once before (Bwuh?! How?!), and it was as a baddie leader in the 2009 animated feature. The 75-year-old voiced the part of the sinister President Stone in the forgettable flick, but that doesn’t mean Sutherland still wasn’t loooong overdue to play a Commander-in-Chief. (And no, starring in the show Commander-In-Chief as Nathan Templeton doesn’t count… nor does his role as the president of his company in Disclosure.)

Since Sutherland has the ability to play both sweet (Pride and Prejudice, Ordinary People) and unsettling (Backdraft, Outbreak), it’s nothing short of shocking that the actor — who has a soothing, inspiring-speech-giving voice to boot — hasn’t been sworn into cinema office long before Hunger Games and Astro Boy.

Still, he’s not the only one who surprisingly hasn’t played a live-action Prez, be it a good or evil one, during their career. Given his knack for impressions, as well as his ability to play vote-worthy and impeachable, how has Kevin Spacey not played the leader of the free world on the big screen? Same goes for Tom Hanks, William H. Macy, Denzel Washington, Tommy Lee Jones, and, c’mon who wouldn’t want to see it/be able to believe it — Oprah Winfrey.

Tell us, PopWatchers, which actor do you think should step up to the podium and play President already?

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