By Darren Franich
May 31, 2011 at 12:00 PM EDT

America’s Got Talent kicked off a new season of adorable minors, inspirational seniors, acrobatic dance groups, dancerly acrobatic groups, mock indignation (Howie Mandel) and genuine indignation (Piers Morgan) with a double-threat performer: A man who could simultaneously ride a unicycle and juggle torches. That he did all of this with one hand on Howie Mandel’s cranium earned him the love of everyone in the arena who was not Howie Mandel. The season premiere from there had a few high points (all hail the Kindergarten-aged rap trio, the SH’Boss Boys), low points (the Forever Young Dancers — think Cocoon with more diapers and no ladies) and a high-low point (a Fart impersonator.) The night ended with an act that was pretty much as good as anything AGT has ever shown: The incredible group of dancers called Team iLuminate, who put on an elaborate light show that seemed initially inspired by TRON, but which quickly into something unique and wonderfully bizarre.

Not counting Piers and Howie’s sword face-off, Team iLuminate was my favorite performance of the night. What about you?

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