The furry funnyman recovers from another ''Hangover''

By giving his own bizarro spin to the roofie-serving, Baby-Björn-wearing man-child Alan, Zach Galifianakis became The Hangover‘s biggest breakout in 2009. In this month’s sequel, The Hangover Part II, he once again scores many of the lines moviegoers will be quoting all summer. ”I feel like the script really upped the first one,” says Galifianakis, 41. The two grueling months of shooting in Bangkok, though, left their own sort of hangover. ”Someone asked me about Hangover 3 the other day,” he says, ”and my heart stopped.”

”Are we not doing dessert anymore? I didn’t get that memo.”
—Self-described ”stay-at-home son” Alan, to his mother

”What is this— a P.F. Chang’s?”
—Alan, mistaking a Thai monastery for a Chinese-food chain restaurant

”I wish monkeys could Skype… maybe one day.”
—Alan, bidding adieu to his monkey friend

The Hangover Part II
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  • 102 minutes