By Jeff Labrecque
Updated May 27, 2011 at 04:22 PM EDT

There are a multitude of reasons to mourn the loss of Oprah’s television show. High on my list is the inevitable demise of the long-running “Pat & Kenny Read Oprah Transcripts,” David Letterman’s dramatization of Oprah, courtesy of two grizzled stagehands. Last night, the duo tackled an episode with Martha Stewart discussing a spicy grilled cheese sandwich, and it was “very ha-cha-cha.” GawkerTV has the clip here, and click below for Dave’s Oprah-themed Top 10 List, in which he just couldn’t help himself.

Oh boy. That was heaven. Woo. Pat Farmer and Kenny Sheehan have a gift, and I can only hope that Letterman keeps them in the limelight with new transcripts of other compelling talk shows, say, The View. As for Letterman’s obsession with Oprah, is it now over? If it is, he went out with a bang.

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