Latest releases from Will Allison, Ayelet Waldman, and more

By EW Staff
May 27, 2011 at 04:00 AM EDT

New Hardcovers
Long Drive Home
Will Allison
A graceful rumination on choices and their consequences, Allison’s novel follows a man whose life changes drastically when his sudden fit of road rage leads to the death of a young man. B+

Robert Redford
Michael Feeney Callan
Callan, who has written books on the likes of Anthony Hopkins and Sean Connery, here turns his eye to the iconic leading man and rugged founder of Sundance. B+

Wicked Bugs
Amy Stewart
If you’ve got an insect phobia, this probably isn’t the book for you. But if not, dig in, as Stewart gleefully archives more than 100 of earth’s creepiest crawlies.

New Paperbacks
Mary Mallory and Hollywood Heritage, Inc.
This historical guide to moviemaking’s most important stretch of real estate chronicles its development from an empty swath of land to the center of the cinematic universe.

The House on Salt Hay Road
Carin Clevidence
An explosion at a fireworks factory lights the fuse of this period novel about a family in 1938 whose bonds are tested.

Red Hook Road
Ayelet Waldman
The death of a child hangs heavy over two families in the latest tale from Waldman, the author of Bad Mother.