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For Entertainment Weekly's big Best of Summer issue (which hits newsstands this Friday, May 27), we got together the two key players from the season's hottest tour. Katy Perry will be continuing her non-stop road trip in support of last year's Teenage Dream, and she's bringing along Swedish pop sensation Robyn (who had her own big year behind the release of her far-reaching Body Talk project). It promises to be an energetic night full of wild dancing and sugary-sweet pop hooks, and should provide the definitive soundtrack to the hot summer months.

In order to properly preview the tour, we listened in on an intercontinental phone call between Perry (who was traveling from New Zealand to Japan as part of her tour of the Pacific) and Robyn (who was chilling with friends in Los Angeles). Their full conversation will be in the issue, but check out this brief exchange they had about when Perry caught Robyn's live show.

Katy Perry I saw you at Coachella. It was hands down the best show that I saw all weekend. Everybody was dancing for their life, like they didn't have a choice.

Robyn Yes they did! I'm so happy you were there to see it.

Perry And you were dancing for your life too! Your dance moves are on another level.

Robyn I don't know. It's on another level of frenzy! But I'm happy people got inspired.

Perry Everybody felt very free after your show.

Robyn That's great. I'm happy you saw it. It was a really great show. It was one of the best shows we've had this year. I saw you tweeting about it.

Perry Coachella is fun. It's full of cool people who just love music so much.

Robyn Did you stay the whole weekend?

Perry I did. I saw you. My favorites were you, Empire of the Sun, who was amazing, and probably Kanye, because he played all the hits.

Robyn Did you see PJ Harvey?

Perry I didn't see PJ Harvey. But I love her.

Robyn It was awesome. She was so fantastic, and I love the new album. I had never really listened to her before, but I really loved her.

For more on Katy Perry and Robyn, pick up the Best of Summer issue of Entertainment Weekly, on newsstands on May 27!

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