There are always several Terrence Malick films that get left in the editing room for every movie the director actually releases. Adrien Brody thought he was the star of The Thin Red Line during production, until he saw the finished film that had nearly eliminated his performance as Corporal Fife. But for The Tree of Life, Malick has ambitious plans for some of the extra footage: The Voyage of Time, a long-in-the-works IMAX documentary about the history of man and his planet.

“It is still a possibility,” Tree of Life producer Bill Pohlad told EW at last night’s premiere of the Cannes prize-winner. “We are still working on it. Some of the footage we shot for it is in The Tree of Life but there is so much more … We have all talked about it and still want to push forward on it. It is about finding the time to get it finished. It is not done by any means but what we learned from Tree of Life and the footage that we had, that stuff is all there. It just needs to be put together … We envisioned it as a separate release … We have some amazing footage in the can. It would be beautiful.”

(Reporting by Carrie Bell)

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