Story Of Us Video

Is Taylor Swift ever not shooting a video?

So far, we’ve seen three clips from her third album Speak Now, and it seems like “Mean” just premiered a few hours ago. (Actually, it was three weeks, but still.) Yesterday, she pulled back the curtain on “The Story of Us,” which ditches the socially-conscious approach she took on her last video and gets back to the things she’s known for—pining over dudes in an academic setting.

“The Story of Us” tells the story of a collegiate Swift (you know she’s studying, because she’s wearing a cardigan!) who makes out with a guy in the library stacks and then exchanges awkward glances with him. Check it out after the jump.

In a lot of ways, “The Story of Us” acts as a sequel to “You Belong With Me,” which also casts Swift as a student who looks longingly at a dude in a crowd. It’s also a strangely literal expression of the sentiment behind the song, since it was written after she and an ex-boyfriend spent the 2010 CMT Awards politely ignoring each other (the speculation is that, like “Dear John,” this song is also about John Mayer, though Swift has never confirmed that). And though Swift is supposed to look bookish and disheveled, she can’t help but look adorable and glamorous (a problem she has run into a lot in other videos).

Still, it’s a lovely and clever bit of film for Swift, and it’s definitely a step up from the heavy-handedness of “Mean.” She likes to think of herself as a symbol of young female empowerment, but she’s way better off telling sweet little tales of unrequited love.

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