Priest, Paul Bettany
Credit: Scott Garfield

Adapted from a graphic-novel series (and what isn't these days?), this unholy mess of horror and Western clichés is, at least, blessed with a wonderfully loony premise. A band of superpowered priests is all that stands between mankind (or what's left of it in a church-led dystopia) and hordes of vampires — not the sullen, beau-hunk kind, mind you, but eyeless, mucus-covered monsters. When his niece is kidnapped by the creatures, one renegade man of the cloth (Paul Bettany) teams with a gun-toting sheriff (Cam Gigandet) and a priestess (Maggie Q) to rescue her. Directed by Scott Charles Stewart (Legion), the movie manages some evocative, sooty visuals and a few decent action sequences. But its B-movie sins are many, worst among them an icy hero and a plot that feels like it was built from relics of other, better films. C?

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