We couldn't get Woody Allen to spill much about the plot of his 42nd film
Carla Bruni, Owen Wilson, ... | AH, L'AMOR Carla Bruni and Owen Wilson in Woody Allen's mysterious Midnight in Paris
Credit: Roger Arpajou

STARRING Owen Wilson, Rachel McAdams, Michael Sheen, Marion Cotillard, Kathy Bates

Try as we might, we couldn't get Woody Allen to spill much about the plot of his 42nd film. "People think I'm being secretive, but it would be like if you bought a book and I told you, ‘Oh, I read that book, here's what happens,' " he says. "I mean, this isn't Psycho, where no one will be seated after it starts. It's just the less you know, the more enjoyable it is."

Here's what we could sleuth out: Owen Wilson stars as a writer who travels to the City of Light with his fiancée (Rachel McAdams). During an evening stroll, something enchanting, mystical, and utterly incroyable happens to him. Allen's the first to admit that Wilson isn't his typical alter ego. "He seems like he'd be more natural with a surfboard in his hand," Allen says. "I knew I'd have to rewrite the script a bit, but it was worth it. Owen has a real comic flair."

One thing the writer-director will discuss is his affinity for shooting movies abroad. "They don't have a studio system in Europe, and [producers there] don't fancy themselves as collaborators," he says. "They just put up the money. Plus, these are cities that are a real joy to be in for a few months with my family. It's not like I would make one in the Sudan." So much for Vicky Cristina Khartoum. —Chris Nashawaty