By Lynette Rice
Updated May 25, 2011 at 05:38 AM EDT

After Tuesday’s finale of Dancing with the Stars, Maksim Chermkovskiy was asked to reveal whether he’ll be back for season 13 of the show. For more about his reply, go to the jump:

Even before Tuesday’s finale, Chermkovskiy was hinting that he might not want to stick around for another year of maddening comments from the judges and unpredictable voter results. He told AOL TV that “it takes a lot out of you” and he doesn’t know if he’s coming back. “We’ll see. Right now, I’m drained.”

He certainly looked closer to making up his mind on Tuesday. After watching the mirror ball trophy go to Hines Ward and his partner Kym Johnson, Chermkovskiy didn’t hide his disappointment — though he made a strange comment to host Tom Bergerson about already winning 10 trophies. Huh?

When asked about it after the show, the pro replied, “I have 10 trophies for every partner I’ve had on the show. You guys are journalists. You should figure it out.”

Does he think he should have won all 10 times? Or did he mean to say he had 10 opportunities to win but he ended up dropping the ball each year? Chermkovskiy wasn’t giving an explanation, nor would he answer flat-out whether he’ll leave the show because of his string of losses. “I’m pretty sure you guys will hear about next season soon,” he said, and declined further comment.

Doesn’t sound like the words of a guy who’s eager to keep wearing his Capezios, though taking a break from the ABC show wouldn’t be new for Chmerkovskiy. He sat out season six back in 2008.

Ironically, his partner Kirstie Alley has a far different attitude about season 13. “I want to keep dancing, I want to come back next year and get the f–king trophy!” she told reporters. ” I wanted to win. Maks had a lot to deal with. He didn’t have your average 24-year-old, 5-foot-3 size 0 girl to throw around the floor. He had me. So he had an extraordinary feat in front of him. And he did it.”

“I had the best partner I could ask for,” Chermkovskiy interjected.

“I’m sad. I wanted to win,” she continued. “I really wanted him to win.”

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