Because no terrible national tragedy is complete without an utterly off-topic controversy — sort of like how no poisoned ice cream sundae is complete without an exploding cherry on top — Fox Business’ Eric Bolling decided to take President Obama to task for not responding decisively to the Joplin Tornado tragedy. Bolling was soliloquizing about how unemployment is off the charts and gasoline is stuck near an all-time high, while meanwhile Obama is “on the golf course, or entertaining rappers in the East Room of our White House.” (Which, in fairness, were actually two of Teddy Roosevelt’s favorite hobbies.) But then Bolling dropped the nuke, asking how President Obama could possibly think that “chugging a few forties…is more important than a Presidential visit to [Joplin],” a reference to Obama’s visit to an Irish pub. Any good point Bolling might have had was instantly lost in the fact that “chugging a few forties” is almost nonsensically offensive — let’s see him accuse a white dude of “chugging a few 40s.”

However, in the spirit of moving on to worry about more important things, let’s just assume that Bolling made a simple rookie mistake. Perhaps the Fox host has the drinking acumen of your average college freshman, and thus doesn’t realize that a “40” contains 40 fluid ounces, while a pint of Guinness is a mere 16 fluid ounces. Always drink responsibly, kids! Check out video of Bolling’s adorable rant below…