By Brad Wete
Updated May 25, 2011 at 03:59 PM EDT
Credit: Ethan Miller/Getty Images/ABC

There were several impressive performances last Sunday at the 2011 Billboard Musc Awards. But hands down, Beyoncé’s stole the show.

Performing her new single “Run the World (Girls),” she danced in front of a dazzling interactive screen that gave her wings to wear, worlds to juggle, and dozens of background steppers to keep up with.

Watching her stay in sync with all that movement was breathtaking; critics and fans alike immediately appreciated it and its originality. But recently, whether the performance’s concept was created by the diva and her team has been questioned.

You see, Italian pop singer Lorella Cuccarini use that technology first in 2010; Beyoncé’s is similar to Lorella’s in several ways. But when questioned about where the idea came from by AOL Music recently, Beyoncé didn’t play coy. Instead, she was upfront about the source, Cuccerini, and called it “inspiring.”

“My makeup artist showed me the performance of Lorella Cuccarini a year ago, and it inspired me so much,” Beyonce told AOL. “I then met with the talented people who worked on it. The technology and concept were so genius. Thank God for YouTube or I would have never been exposed to something so inspiring. I never worked so hard on anything in my life as that performance for the Billboard Awards.”

So there you have it, folks. She didn’t steal the idea. Beyoncé saw something on Youtube she appreciated, then went about making it her own. And boy, did she own it.

What do you make of the controversy surrounding the performance? Check out a comparison of the two below and give us your opinions.

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