Credit: Kai Jabs/plainpicture/Corbis

MTV’s next reality focus: Marriage.

After earning a ton of viewers with its Teen Mom and 16 and Pregnant reality shows, the network is developing a new series that could be seen as a natural next step.

MTV has ordered a pilot for Married Young, a one-hour docuseries following the trials and tribulations of newly wedded couples. The cameras tune in after the couple’s honeymoon and follow the couple through their first year as husband and wife.

The show will feature a range of couples and will show that grown-up responsibilities can be tough on young people, even without a kid in the picture.

If greenlit, Married Young (which is a working title… hmm, how about Teen Spouse? Teen Wife? Desperate Houseteens?) is expected to be less of a lightening rod than Teen Mom and 16 since there are no babies on board, and it has a different tone from those shows. But MTV taking on the institution of marriage is sure to spark at least some conversation.

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