By Aly Semigran
May 24, 2011 at 10:30 PM EDT
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Ricky Gervais got a lot of flack for his most recent Golden Globe hosting gig, in which he flung some stinging, if not hilarious, one-liners at some Hollywood A-listers. Now, imagine instead you’ve got McKinley High School’s Cheerios coach Sue Sylvester at the helm of a prestigious awards ceremony with the biggest stars in television at her mercy. That Gervais uproar would become mere child’s play, would it not?

While Sue Sylvester isn’t exactly hosting any awards shows any time soon, the multi-talented funny lady who plays her on Glee very well may be. As we reported earlier, Lynch is nearing a deal to host the 63rd Annual Emmy Awards later this year. And Lynch knows her way around the Emmys: The multi-talented star picked up a trophy for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series last year for her work as the over-the-top villain on Glee.

But, how much will — and should — Lynch go into the Glee well? Last year, the 50-year-old actress made an in-character cameo in Jimmy Fallon’s opening song-and-dance number at the Emmys, and she could just as easily track suit up again for the occasion. There could be a visit to “Sue’s Corner” during the opening monologue (there’s no question she have some interesting thoughts to share on, say, Charlie Sheen) or some evil scheming to ensure no musical numbers featuring Matthew Morrison take place during the broadcast. (Some of us would get behind that.) Heck, she could even go all Gallagher on everyone and Slushie the poor saps in the front row.

Then again, Lynch has enough comedic sensibilities and timing (see: Best in Show, Role Models) to get by on her own just fine. And call me crazy, but as much as I get a kick out of Coach Sylvester when she’s in full-on tirade mode, what I’d really love to see is a visit from Constance Carmell. Would it be too much to ask for a skit in which she, and the rest of the Party Down gang, cater the Emmys? Those pink bow ties would be a hit on the red carpet.

Do you think Jane Lynch should host the Emmys in character? If so, as who? Let us know in the comments section below, PopWatchers!

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