By Annie Barrett
Updated May 24, 2011 at 12:00 PM EDT

Studies have shown that Hidden Gems of the Week,’s collection of reader-submitted ridiculata, is the best way to enjoy Dancing With the Stars without ever having to turn it on. It’s a visual feast of sparkles, fringe, and Maks’ ass. Sure, they may not all be *hidden,* but as’s Supervising Appraiser, I can happily confirm they’re all priceless. Ready to go down the rabbit hole? Behold this bountiful smattering of Visible Gems!


Tom Bergeron snapping to attention Tuesday night after Brooke threw to him following Hines and Kym’s final samba. Ha! We gem hunters see you! (Too bad I’d fallen so far behind on my liiiiiiiive viewing — while putting together the rest of this post — that I didn’t get to thank you for this gem over the phone!)

“Chelsea & Mark’s Samba looked a lot like the African Anteater dance from Can’t Buy Me Love.” —Kim, endorsed by Jem Ho, Chris, tara, Kim, Karikata, Sheri, Winne50, sarahruth625

“Two women flanking Tom and Brooke wore white jackets and had the exact same haircut.” —Madd

“Hines looked a bit like Odd Job from the James Bond film Goldfinger.” —DWTSMirrorball

“Kirstie’s tremendous side-eye here.” —’s Fringe Fairy

“The squares behind Chelsea and Mark formed eyes, the little square in the center, a nose, and the stairs were a smile – HG!” —daisy, endorsed by’s Fringe Fairy

“Ralph and Karina smiling at us from behind the Celebraquarium!” —Cindy and happygemhunter, endorsed by Anya

“What was up with the creepy guy in the last row of seats before the celebriquarium who turned around and watched Brooke interview Mark and Chelsea. Eyes straight ahead buddy, or no more visits to Planet Mirrorballus for you…” —Sue B, endorsed by DebraD

“Tiny Tom appeared to be sticking out of Brooke’s microphone as she interviewed Mark and Chelsea after their Judges’ Choice Dance.” —one tiny mirror on the mirrorball of life (username enthusiastically endorsed by’s Fringe Fairy), endorsed by DebraD

“Guy behind Kirstie before she danced checking out her butt. Duuuuude!” —duranmom, endorsed by Jem Ho, sarahruth625

“HG: I thought Maks had a giant stain on the side of his shirt. Then I realized his shirt is mesh, and that is his tattoo. Much more attractive…” —kt, endorsed by Anya, duranmom (who assumed it was Kirstie’s spray-tan rubbing off), Jade, Sue B

“Kirstie’s dress looked like a bra with spanx and Animal the muppet.” —Social Andrea

“Maks steps backward toward the camera, and once again I find myself wishing this was all in 3D.” —one tiny mirror on the mirrorball of life


BONUS BONUS BOOTY/”Lady in the blue dress in the audience is ROCKING to Kirstie and Maks.” —SocialAndrea, endorsed by SunBlitz42, Madd, J.W.

“Maks got a handful of Kirstie’s butt at the end of their first dance.” —DWTSMirrorball, endorsed by tara, PhooBar, Brewnette

“Maks’ ‘Seriously, Brooke, WTF?’ expression after Kirstie’s response to her “1988″ question” —Madd

“I never noticed Maks has an overlapping front tooth until that extreme closeup!!” —SocialAndrea, endoresd by Kelly (“Just to prove that he IS mortal.”), Anya, duranmom, Juliegirl

“OMG Maks nuzzling with Tom! Best. Thing. Ever.” —kt, endorsed by Kelly, Social Andrea, B, Erinn



In this week’s ‘Host’s Leaderboard,’ Tom claims season 12 finale week was Maks’ last hurrah, at least ass grabbing-wise….

Press the little triangle below to hear my final springtime chat with Our Host.

“DANCMSTR LICENSE TAG!” —Diana, endorsed by amybraves10, kt, Jade, orville, KWo, Jen P., Colleen, Jem Ho,’s Fringe Fairy

“Len Goodman not wearing his seatbelt. Buckle up for safety, DANCMSTR!” —DWTSMirrorball

“Len throwing gang signs during Hines’ rehearsal (just like with Kyle (I think?) last year)” —Jem Ho, endorsed by SunBlitz42

“This incredible frame of DANCMSTR gettin’ down.” —’s Fringe Fairy

“Brandy and Fran’s Yetta from The Nanny in the audience.” —Kelly, endorsed by Cath, Madd

“When they came back from break before talking to Hines, you could see the crew in the celebraquarium, and there was a random stone faced dude just sitting there. Is that an actual job on the DWTS crew? Because I think I’d do very well at just sitting around in the celebraquarium.” —Jem Ho

“Hines looks like the Count from Sesame Street with that wall sconce behind his head getting his scores.” —duranmom, endorsed by SocialAndrea, Jem Ho

“Right after Hines and Kym got their quickstep scores, Brooke messed up the dial/text/web information and her whole body leaned in to the camera like the BrookeBot was breaking down.” —tara

“Whoa, three pink blazers in the first row!” —Madd, endorsed by Anya, gigi, GemSighting, SocialAndrea

“Did anyone see the guy sitting down the row from the Pink Ladies who couldn’t muster two-handed clapping, instead opting for the clap with the knee move?” —Jen P., Jem Ho, one tiny mirror on the mirrorball of life

(Tom explained Tuesday night that the pink blazer brigade was repping Pink’s Hot Dogs!)

“Chelsea’s purple face (it was really, really purple) during their freestyle practice spinning almost distracted me from her g-string peeking out…” —DebraD, endorsed by PhooBar, Erinn, Jem Ho, 3 left feet, Kevin M. Kawa, T

“The Jonases are multiplying! There’s still one more night. Maybe all three together in Planet Mirrorballus is some apocalyptic occurence so they’re waiting until the season is over.” —Kelly, endorsed by duranmom, Karikata, Jem Ho, Tracie L

“I’m kind of over Bruno, but I’ll have to admit, the face he made when Len called himself a ‘fuddy-duddy’ cracked me up.” —Jem Ho

“I love the shot of the Mirrorball forest coming back to get Mark and Chelsea’s freestyle scores.” —kt

“Chelsea’s gloves lit up again at the exact moment the first 10 paddle was revealed for their score!” —agirl, endorsed by Tracie L

“Lone Girl Standing O while looking in the Celebriquarium.” —J.W.

“Brandy had a big ‘wooooo!’ in the response to the judge’s comment how Kirstie demonstrates how life should be lived at 60. Brandy is psyched for the next 30 years!” —Jen P., endorsed by Stephanie

“Is it me or was Hines’ ‘S’ was upside down on his band uniform?!” —Bethanny, endorsed by Tay, matt, Kevin M. Kawa, GHchick84

“Kym looks like she is only wearing sparkles and nothing else. She has the body to pull it off.” —Jen P. , endorsed by GemSighting

“Beware the flying musical notes!” —korri

“Bruno looking up in the air when Carrie Ann was talking about the voices in the sky interrupting her after Hines and Kym’s dance.” —Liz

“All three judges filled in as conductors for Harold Wheeler, coming back from a commerical break.” —Kendra, endorsed by Colleen, Hali, Michele, Kevin M. Kawa

“HG: Whoever jumped in the air right at the end (I think it was either Kirstie or Tom)” —Madd

Survey says: Kirstie!

This just screamed *TOM BERGERON IN HIS ELEMENT* to me, so I threw it in. —FF


Just me, or did this Tuesday night opener strike you too as the DWTS graphics dept.’s unofficial acknowledgment of the term “Planet Mirrorballus”?

Sure it was, Annie. Sure. Score! “Tehhhhhhhhhhn!”


Prepare to wipe away a sparkly tear of joy upon hearing Enthusiastic Chmies Lady (third video down) bless us, the Gem Ho Nation!


We’ve made quite a haul this spring. Go Team! There’s no i in team, but if you rearrange the letters of gleam, there is a gem. (I have no idea either.)

Thank you, DANCMSTRs one and all, for a fabulous heap of season 12 gems!


Fringe Fairy

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