By Adam Markovitz
Updated May 24, 2011 at 07:55 PM EDT

Casey Wilson (Happy Endings, SNL) and June Diane Raphael (NTSF:SD:SUV) were partway through the shoot of their indie buddy-com Ass Backwards (co-starring Jon Cryer and Alicia Silverstone) when they lost funding. As you can see in their promo video (link below), this news made them both cry. A lot.

But they haven’t thrown in the towel. Instead, the ladies are turning to viral marketing, creating a Kickstarter paged called “Save Our Asses!” as a last-ditch effort to bankroll the movie. Their goal? $50,000 to fund the last five days of their shoot. And they’re offering incentives, from signed copies of the DVD (for a $25 donation) to an actual executive producer credit on the movie (for $10,000). So far so good: They’ve already raised a whopping $34,271 with 16 days to go.

It’s a bold (and shameless) move for the ladies — not to mention an interesting experiment in web-based film funding. Earlier this year, the indie comedy The Woods became the first Kickstarter-funded movie accepted at the Sundance Film Festival. And filmmaker Kevin Smith (Clerks) has said he thought about the idea for his latest film, Red State. With so many filmmakers struggling to find financing, could crowd-sourcing be a vital part of the future of independent film?

Check out the Ass Backwards website, and then let us know what you think: Is this shameless web pan-handling, or clever outside-the-box fundraising?

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