By Christian Blauvelt
Updated May 23, 2011 at 04:55 PM EDT
Credit: Jeff Neira/ABC

Lady Gaga took a little time to enjoy The View today, stopping by to promote Born This Way with a half-hour interview with Barbara Walters and Co. And she pretty much made a headline every minute. Escorted by two men wearing shades, Gaga looked a little wobbly stepping onto The View’s set. Maybe those eight-inch boots had something to do with that. Today she continued her goth-take on I Dream of Jeannie, streaks of Cruella DeVil black in her blonde bob. Yeah, there were the usual platitudes — “I’m so grateful,” “I never dreamed I’d be here,” “the spirit of the audience inspires me” — but she also proved herself to be quick-witted, open-hearted, and endearingly self-deprecating. She opened up more about the bullying she suffered at New York City’s Convent of the Sacred Heart (those Upper East Side mean girls made fun of her “big nose” and “buck teeth” and even threw her in a trash can, a moment she reinterpreted for her Rolling Stone shoot last June). “When I was in school I wanted to wear a mask every day, but now I wear my mask, and I wear it proudly,” she said.

For the first time I can think of, Gaga also introduced her mother to the world. In previous appearances on the Today show and elsewhere, Mother Gaga, Cynthia Germanotta, refused to be filmed on camera, so the fact that she appeared before the lades of The View, and confirmed that her daughter was indeed “born this way,” was something of a landmark for Gagaphiles. Of course, Joy Behar took it a bit far, asking Germanotta “[When she was born], didn’t the nails hurt?” pointing to Gaga’s curling cuticles. But if you thought that Joy had reached her TMI limit for the day, think again: She also confirmed that she and Gaga share a gynecologist. Well, can we at least all agree now that Gaga is a woman?

Oh, and about that mystifying “Transformers! Gaga in disguise” album art. Because today’s literal-minded media culture demands that Gaga explain away every one of her provocations, she offered up this analysis: “I’m half-woman, half-motorcycle. I wanted to create this idea of fusing flesh with metal, but to show that I am also a vehicle. Not just the vehicle for myself anymore, but the vehicle for the voice of my fans.” You know, that makes a lot of sense.

Finally, the View gals showed a clip of Gaga’s inspired guest appearance on SNL’s “Liquorville” sketch on Saturday. (Elisabeth Hasselbeck was probably just happy not to be parodied herself by Kristen Wiig.) And Her Ladyship had a little breaking news about herself. Apparently, she’s already been talking with NBC about having her host an installment of SNL herself next season. If we get another chance to see her squeal with delight over Chris Kirkpatrick, it’ll totally be worth it.

Monsters and PopWatchers, what did you make of Gaga’s appearance on The View? With this and her SNL stint over the weekend, I think she’s solidified herself as possibly the most unpretentious pretentious popstar ever. Only the next time she appears on The View, she needs to be a guest panelist. Hot Topics needs to get Gaga-fied.

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