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Updated May 23, 2011 at 10:00 PM EDT
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Let me just put this out there: I will be thrilled if Cuddy doesn’t die tonight on the season finale of House. Yes, we know that Lisa Edelstein will not be returning next season, but there are other ways to say farewell to a character as beloved-by-many as Lisa Cuddy. Right? Well, we hope so. But there’s really no telling what executive producer Greg Yaitanes and team House have up their sleeve.

“The big, ongoing thesis of our season is: Can House really change?” he told us, days before it was announced that Edelstein would not be returning next season. “At the end of the day, can people really change? Can people really change who they are? And what does it take to do that? And that, very much is at the core of the conflict in the finale. What is it gonna mean to make lasting change? He’s coming to grips with the change he’s capable of. I think we all want to believe we’re capable of great change and the right things will inspire that so has this season brought the elements to change House, truly? And also, where has that hurt gone, from the break-up? Where is that hurt form the break-up with Cuddy living? So we’re gonna learn that as well.”

And while Yaitanes told us there were no plans to revisit the romance, he added: “I think although they care, they haven’t dealt with it. The lack of closure is still very much in the air and the lack of closure is gonna be the engine to the very, very conclusion of the final episode.” And about that cliffhanger: “No one will see it coming.”

“It’ll definitely leave a lot of questions of where we’re gonna start next year,” he said. “The finale will leave fans wondering a lot of things, wondering what next season is gonna look like. Which is good, which is exactly what we want. There will be full closure on the events of the season and there’s a new chapter that’s gonna start.”

So, House fans, ready for the finale?

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