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Just like we couldn’t rule out Gary Busey showing us his family jewels on Celebrity Apprentice, apparently, we can’t rule out the possibility that Donald Trump may pretend to run for president again. Calling into Fox & Friends Monday, the Donald — hot off the heels of a Celebrity Apprentice finale that posted disappointing ratings returns — told Fox News that “stranger things have happened” than for him to once again decide to run for commander-in-chief. “I can’t rule out anything,” Trump said. “The country is so important. It’s so vital that we choose the right person. And at this moment, I don’t see that right person.” (See video here.)

So all that business one week ago about choosing Celebrity Apprentice over the presidential campaign? Apparently, all old/not important information. So, if we’ve learned anything from Trump’s comments on Fox & Friends today, it’s that… well, Trump has officially become a politician. How? Well, he’s now officially a flip-flopper set to abandon the folks who really need him (D-list celebrities) for his political interests. Also, we now know we can’t believe a word he says anymore. But, then again, we really didn’t to begin with anyway.

Do you believe him, PopWatchers? Will Trump run for president, or will it be a publicity stunt for Celebrity Apprentice 5: This one’s gonna be HUGE.

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