By Dan Snierson
Updated August 03, 2020 at 01:29 PM EDT
Funniest Videos

Some TV shows wrap up their season by dangling a big question, leaving you hanging for months. But not America’s Funniest Home Videos. Tonight at 7 p.m. ET/PT, that other Tom Bergeron-hosted ABC series will provide closure to season 21 (21!)) by revealing which of the three $100,000-winning clips has claimed the show’s grand prize, a package of Disney vacations. (Then again, how bizarre would it be if just once, AFV left us on a cliffhanger — a cliphanger, if you will — and we didn’t find out whether a golf ball jacked some dude in the head, gut, or groin for many moons?) Review the trio of finalists below and then select one as this season’s champion in our poll. Which video did I choose, you were about to ask? While that poodle displayed impressive comic timing in shame-backing out of the hallway, the clip of the little boy who freaks out when he loses his video camera in the snow warmed my cold heart while managing to tell a full story in zero-visibility conditions.

Of course, you didn’t click on this post simply to vote in a poll. You came here because you were promised a few exclusive clips from tonight’s episode. Enjoy a split screen segment titled “A Day at the Races,” in which you can guess which one of the four tots will last the longest without falling off the toilet. There’s even a semi-twist ending! If that weren’t enough G-rated hilarity, you can also preview a montage in which a bunch of tykes tumble, bumble, and otherwise entertain. It’s okay to laugh — Mommy’s not going to kill you.

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