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Nine years after Minority Report, Tom Cruise is going back to the future. EW has confirmed that, as first reported by Deadline, Cruise has signed on to star in Universal’s sci-fi film Oblivion. The movie, which will be directed by TRON: Legacy helmer Joseph Kosinski, is set in a post-apocalyptic future in which the Earth has become so dangerous and inhospitable that humankind has moved up above the clouds. Cruise will play a soldier assigned to live alone on the planet’s surface, repairing the probes and drones that patrol the ruined wasteland to search out and destroy remnants of a savage alien race. One day, he finds a mysterious woman in a crash-landed space pod, setting off events that force him to question everything he knows.

Kosinksi came up with the story and, with writer Arvid Nelson and illustrator Andree Wallin, developed it into a graphic novel that will be released later this year as a precursor to the movie and a way to seed the fanboy audience. Kosinski has said that he envisions Oblivion, which was originally set up at Disney, as “a very spare science fiction film with a small cast but big ideas and big landscapes.” The project will be the next film for Cruise, who is currently at work on the big-screen adaptation of the rock and roll musical Rock of Ages. Oblivion is slated to begin shooting in October, and Universal has budgeted it at $100 million.

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