By Sandra Gonzalez
Updated May 20, 2011 at 12:00 PM EDT

UPDATE 2: Your season finale recap is live!

UPDATE: Woah, PopWatchers. If you saw that final twist coming, you should probably take your powers of prediction to Vegas. As for the rest of us, we’ll just sit here patiently waiting for this “WTF” face to go away. Here’s the short of it all: [SPOILERS AHEAD]

I doubt we’ll be seeing Lisa and Ben ever again. (Woo?) Sam’s wall came down. And Castiel became God. Yes, the new God. Take a moment to process, and then weight in below while I work on a full recap up for y’all.

As for where this finale ranks among the rest, I still need time to process it all. But I’ve updated the poll below, so vote if you’ve made your choice already! [End of update.]

Earlier this morning, I was watching last year’s season finale of Supernatural on TNT (thank you, syndication), and one year later, I have still have no regrets about putting it at the top of my list of 15 best Supernatural episodes ever.

The season 5 ender had everything I had been hoping for in terms of mythology (the Lucifer/Sam storyline paid off huge!) and emotional impact (true story: I had one nightmare as, I predict, a result of watching Castiel’s head blow up). Seasons 1’s car crash and Dean’s trip to hell in season 3 were also amazing season closers and cliffhangers, but there was something about season 5’s that made it feel like a period and an exclamation point all at the same time. There was closure, a cliffhanger, and a sad peacefulness about where we left all the characters. It easily could have been a series finale — although, thank Chuck Castiel (?) it wasn’t.

So which season finale was best, readers?

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