By Kate Ward
Updated May 20, 2011 at 10:59 PM EDT
Idol 13
Credit: Michael Becker/Fox

We learned last night which American Idol contestants will be advancing to the finals. But what I really want to know is: Who will the Top 13 sing with in the finale? Now, we know every year, the Fox series trots out A-list musical acts (like the rumored Bono; Fox is not commenting on whether or not he will really appear on the season 10 finale) to sing alongside a good number of finalists. So now it’s time to create our wish lists: If every member of the Top 13 were to sing with a superstar, which would you choose for them? My Idol hopes:

Ashthon Jones with Chaka Khan: Because Whitney would be too predictable.

Karen Rodriguez with Jennifer Lopez: Rodriguez wouldn’t be able to get Selena (sad trombone), so this is the next best thing, right?

Thia Megia with Duffy: The young finalist is so adorable, I’m tempted to say a bunny. But I’ll also accept a duet with fellow throwback singer, Duffy.

Naima Adedapo with Gloria Estefan: I could pick a predictable reggae artist here, but I’d prefer to see Naima get on her feet with the Cuban American singer.

Pia Toscano with Celine Dion: They both have horrible fashion sense and booming voices. But only one of them has stage presence. Perhaps Pia could pick up a few pointers in the process.

Paul McDonald with Rod Stewart: Is that a taser in their pockets, or are they just convulsing on-stage? If Paul’s teeth don’t blind you, a pair of vintage Stewart lamé pants will.

Stefano Langone with Bruno Mars: In a dream world, I’d watch Stefano duet the “Who’s the Boss?” theme song with Matt LeBlanc, with a special entrance from Tony Danza, who will admit that he and LeBlanc had a love child named Stefano Langone. But I’m no longer on hallucinogens. So I’ll just say the original singer of Stefano’s semifinal song, “Just the Way You Are”: Bruno Mars.

Casey Abrams with Wynton Marsalis: In order to see the flawless jazz professional we saw during performances of “Georgia On My Mind” and “Nature Boy,” Casey needs to collaborate with a true jazz musician. Growl away!

Jacob Lusk with Ruben Studdard: I’d say Chris Brown, to show him how “No Air” should be done, but… let’s go with the Luther Vandross-influenced Studdard, who can play velvet teddy bear to Jacob’s screechy one.

James Durbin with Steven Tyler: The Aerosmith rocker and American Idol judge already promised James a duet. Plus, Lauren can’t be the only contestant to have sung with the “beautiful” one.

Haley Reinhart with Pink: Both vocal powerhouses, both badass bitches. I’m dying to hear Haley tackle “God is a DJ.”

Lauren Alaina with the Dixie Chicks: I’ll forgive Lauren for not singing “Cowboy Take Me Away” for Top 3 night. But a collaboration with the similarly cute country singers would be the perfect, fun takeaway (see what I did there?) for Idol fans.

Scotty McCreery with Josh Turner: Scotty’s gotta sing “Your Man” sometime soon.

Your turn, PopWatchers: Who do you want the Top 13 to sing with?

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