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We’re coming up to that point of the year, Roomies, where all the season finales are wrapping up and so is my will to take any more emotional abuse from showrunners. Kidding – and also not. Nonetheless, when the last major finales wrap up, it’ll be like opening the last present on Christmas Day. You’re satisfied…yet sad.

But fear not. Summer TV brings its bounty not too long after and we should rejoice in that. So please send your questions to me. AND if you have any burning questions/general comments about any season finales, send those in, too. We’ll track down some answers, yeah?

Here are the details: Email (note the two “R”s) or Tweet me at @EWSandraG.


Chuck fans, I have to say: I’m proud of us.If there was ever a season to lobby hard for another season of Chuck, this was it. As you saw in the finale, the reset button has not only been pushed — it has been kung fu kicked. And while I covered much of what the finale’s big twist means for the show’s fifth and final season in my post-episode Q&A with Chris Fedak, many of you have been asking a few follow-up questions. So Fedak tackled two FAQs below just for y’all. (Does this man ever stop giving?)


Looks like the Barney Stinson wedding of one — so far, at least — isn’t going to be the only celebration we get a sneak peek of in the next season of How I Met Your Mother.

In our chat earlier this week after the season finale, executive producer Criag Thomas told me that there’s a twist coming up that (in true Mother tradition) you might have seen coming if you were paying attention: Punchy’s wedding!

“The premiere episode of season 7 is actually going to be set at Punchy’s wedding,” he reveals of current plans. “So we will actually finally get to that, even though it’s not the monumental wedding — the Mothering Meeting wedding — we are actually going to get a glimpse of that.”

Previously, Thomas also revealed that we would be revisiting the mystery of Barney’s nuptials, but rest assured, that will be a slow burn. But, he adds, that’s not to say he wants to take the Barney maturing process too slow. “[That is] one of the big challenges of any long-running sitcom, especially one you watch in part for comfort because you know what you’re gonna get and you love these characters and you don’t want them to change,” he said. “As a showrunner, you don’t want to be too repetitive, either. You want to go new places with these characters. I think the way we have it set up for season 7, I think it’ll be the best of both worlds. I don’t want to say exactly what becomes of Barney in season 7, but you’re going to get to see him in both Single Barney mode and Couple Barney mode. But I won’t say exactly with whom.”


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I’m still not over it. And I know I should be. If I was a more stable person, I might even be able to watch the airport hangar scene without crying. But you know what? I’m not. Stable is overrated. Overrated like waiting four months for new Castle. So when I interrupted Andrew Marlow’s Hawaiian vacation this week, I pressed for more about where Castle and Beckette might be headed. And from the sound of it? Next season is going to be just as good — if not better.

“I think [the finale] was a great way to chapter out on the early portion of the Beckett-Castle relationship and to transition us to an even more complex more mature aspect of their relationship as we move forward,” Marlow said. “I think that even though Castle is still kind of a charming, boyish man, we see an enormous amount of growth in him over the last three years towards a kind of maturity. It doesn’t mean he’s going to lose his boyish charm. It just means that he’s becoming more complex and interesting. The same with Beckett, a character who started off being relatively closed off.”

Marlow points to the scene in the finale where Montgomery tells Beckett that she “wasn’t having any fun” before Castle came along as an example of the kind of growth he likes to see from the pair. “We’ve really seen her start to open up to both Castle and to the audience, and there are more mysteries to mine in both of these characters, as there are in the secondary characters, but I think that this marks a new and different chapter in their relationship. We’re not looking to fundamentally change the show, we’re just looking to enhance it and make the experience even richer and more satisfying for the fans,” he said.


I know you recap Glee, so where’s the love for the show? Don’t make me sic my cat Lord Tubbington on you! — Jacklyn

I’d really like to know if LT is climbing the list of most used cat names as fast as I predict. I hope so — because that would be brilliant. Anyway, let’s talk Nationals. If you believe executive producer Brad Falchuk, it’s going to be simultaneously brilliant and chaotic. “It’s Nationals, so it’s actually a much bigger…it’s teams from all over the country so it’s a much bigger pool. These are these kids from a little place in Ohio, like the Bad News Bears. The whole idea is that no matter how big Regionals has been or Sectionals has been, this is a totally different world and the scope is much bigger and the pressure is much higher and are they prepared for it?” he reveals. “Can they overcome their internal squabbles to come together and take this?” I believe they can…as long as they stop killing people and making us all do the ugly cry.

Hey! Sandra! Need some info on this Finchel date! What happens?! Do they kiss? …OR MORE?!?– Sharee

I can’t spoil the ending!!! And neither will Lea Michele: “We get to go to a lovely dinner and we walk to through Central Park together,” she says. “You’ll have to see how it ends.”

Terri said she’s moving to Miami. Is Jessalyn Gilsig leaving the show? Say it ain’t so! – Rion

It will definitely be an extended leave. But whether it’s permanent remains to be seen since this team has been known to change its mind very quickly. But I’m told that Jessalyn Gilsig will be quite busy in the summer anyhow. She soon begins production on a movie in which she’ll star and produce called, Somewhere Slow. That already sounds like more than they’ve given Terri to do all season!

Random House question, but was the letter at the end of last week’s episode from Cuddy or Rachel? It seemed like something Cuddy would write to House. Thank you for maybe answering my little question!!! — Jennifer

You weren’t actually the only person to think that. “It’s funny you say that because when I first saw it, I read it as [being from Rachel], but when I saw it up on it’s feet I actually thought it could be either one,” executive producer Greg Yaintanes shares. “I interpreted it from Rachel.”

I’m so upset about Lisa Edelstein [Cuddy] leaving House. Was this something they planned on? Will this affect any plans they might have had to resurrect Huddy? Please. I’m devastated — Brit

Maybe this will help your devastation: Just two days before the fateful announcement, I chatted with executive producer Greg Yaitanes and asked him a quite similar question about the future of Huddy. “Yeah, they’re not getting back together. Anybody watching the finale to see if they get back together will be disappointed. Their relationship, though, will clearly be defined. Throughout the episode they will be achieving closure. How the closure manifests itself, I’m not gonna say, but that is definitely…the title of the episode is relevant to their relationship.” For the record, the title is “Moving On.” My remaining question? Does someone Cuddy have to die before House “moves on”? More on that before the finale.

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Southland, please! When does it return? — Tory

It doesn’t likely return until January, unfortunately. In fact, the next season hasn’t even been written yet. The good news? Ben McKenzie is full of ideas! “We’ve only seen my character in context of his relationship with his training officer [John Cooper, played by Michael Cudlitz]. So I’d like to know what happens when their relationship is totally different. And when he’s dealing with someone who’s a little bit more senior than he is but much more his equal,” the actor told us at TNT/TBS’s Upfronts. “One of the things that they do — if we were to follow what happens in real life — is take some P2 dogs, who have just graduated from being a Boot, a P1, into a P-2 and full of testosterone, they put them in the toughest gang areas. It might be an opportunity to put him and Sammy — who is very aggressive and explosive — and put them in that situation, in the thick of the gang suppression stuff. It could be fun.” Almost as fun as showing off your police jargon skills!

The finale of The Vampire Diaries was simply amazing! AMAZING AMAZING. So you can tell me what happens next season…now, please. — Jill

This is where I’d normally reply wittily to your response that clocked a respectable 6.0 on the Snark-o-meter. But even my response would pale in comparison to the scoop/banter I witnessed between Paul Wesley and Ian Somerhalderat the CW Upfronts presentation yesterday. So why should I bother? I’m just going to write it out directly for you. It’s too good not to, actually. [For the record, I simply asked them: Is it safe to assume Damon and Stefan have switched roles a little bit in the next season? Then madness..]

LOVING the idea of Major Crimes. I’d definitely take more Closer, but if I don’t get that, I’m definitely tuning in for this show! Do you know if Kyra Sedgwick will appear at all as a guest? — Lauren

It’s definitely too soon to tell, but as Mary McDonnell told me, you likely won’t be thrown into a completely Brenda-less world. “I think that the legacy of Brenda Lee Johnson will be fully alive in major crimes, and the beauty of it is that they’re losing a major character. She won’t be with us every week, but the rest of us will be. So they don’t have to lose her entirely because she will be very present,” the actress said. “She created the department, so it is her legacy. It will almost be like when a family member leaves home but the rest of home is still there. But their memory is very vibrant and with you. So in a sense, they won’t lose her. And I adore her personally, and even my character secretly adores her, and I feel very strongly about that sensitivity with the fans. They will miss her, as we will on the show. So it will be a cool cohesion of audience and characters making this journey together.”

I’m worried about these new showrunners on 90210. Any idea how things will be different? I thought the show was finally finding its own. — Sophie

Tristan Wilds isn’t worried. In fact, when I caught up with him this week, he was pretty excited about the possibilities that college and new bosses would bring. ” College is such a vast new area. You can damn near make a story about anything, and it’ll be good,” he said. “I’m excited to see how they show the college experience.”

How about the greatest summer guilty pleasure, The Secret Life of the American Teenager? Are Adrian and Ben really going to get married/have a baby? – Colleen

I don’t have marriage news, but I can tell you that someone’s world is rocked when they’re accused of distributing child pornography after texting a racy picture of a girl to a large group of people.

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Anything on the Good Wife? The finale was completely astounding. — Jane

And season 3 will likely be just as amazing as well. EW caught up with Matt Czuchry during Upfronts week, in fact, who dished on what we might be able to expect from the yet-to-be-written season. “I think they have some great ideas for all the characters next season. I think when the show’s most interesting to watch is when all the characters are tangled up together. We’re going to see that next season and you’re going to see Cary with Peter and possibly with Eli. And you haven’t seen that dynamic before. I think it’s fun when we’re all tangled together and bring in new people as well.”

What a season finale on Criminal Minds! WOOHOO JJ!! But I’m worried about these shake-ups. Unless Seaver leaves. Then I’m okay with it. Any news for me? — Marge

Don’t misinterpret JJ’s return as a push to the exit for Seaver (Rachel Nichols) so fast there, Marge. Per EP Erica Messer: “No, it doesn’t necessarily mean [she’s leaving]. Honestly, they’re not the same character. And I think it was unfortunate because they look so much alike that people rejected Seaver because she seemed like she was a replacement for JJ,” she said. “As far as I’m concerned, she is a part of this team…I don’t want her to just disappear.”

Hi Sandra, Any In Plain Sight scoop? I love Mary McCormack and Fred Weller as Mary and Marshall! Great, great show. — Best, Kathy

Agreed. It’s going to be a great season, especially when they start diving into how t Mary’s surprise pregnancies brings about complications to her job. But more than anything, it’s also fun to see her deal with it all like a normal mom-to-be, as well. In an upcoming script, for example, Mary finds herself bonding with a fellow pregnant lady who finds herself in the middle of a deadly case. Things get even messier (and for Mary, more disturbing) when the woman goes into labor.

Any more follow-up on that new family member on Modern Family? — Greg

Well, ABC let the cat out of the bag at this week’s network Upfronts, so I’m going to let the wild kitty roam free! Cam and Mitchell decide in the finale that they’d like to expand their family. All together now: D’awwwwwww.

I really, really miss Nikita. Thursday nights just won’t feel the same. Can you tell me what’s next for Michael and Nikita? A snippet will do…anything!! — Sarah

I have more than a snippet. I have Maggie Q and Shane West, who I caught up with at the CW’s Upfront presentation! And the pair, who I have to say completely ooze chemistry in real life, revealed to me a few secrets about season 2. Among the most interesting? Michael and Nikita likely won’t be having another mansion to play in next season. “We are going to be a bit nomadic,” Maggie Q revealed. “They’re two people who are high on people’s radar–” “It’s going to be hard to have another lair,” West finished. Yes, I’m serious. They finished each other’s sentences.

(Additional reporting by Tim Stack)

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