If recent American Idol history has any bearing on this season, then I think Haley and Scotty are headed to the finale tonight, thanks in large part to the Perk of the Proud Paterfamilias. No one but no one can resist the sentimental pull of a father who openly displays his affection and pride in his child on national television. (Who can forget Season 8 winner Kris Allen’s weepy pappy? And I still maintain that the tears from the papa of Season 9’s Lee DeWyze helped secure him the crown over Crystal Bowersox.) But while Scotty’s pops expressed his pride (and then adorably told us to lock them doors) and Haley got to perform on stage with her pops, poor Lauren had to settle for her beaming-but-also-terrified-to-talk-on-TV mother talking about how the worry of the show had aged her 20 years.

So that’s one way to prognosticate the outcome of tonight’s voting. But what if we go by the judges’ pronouncements of who won each round?

Round One:

Steven: Haley

Jennifer: Haley

Randy: Haley

Round Two:

Steven: Lauren

Jennifer: Scotty

Randy: Scotty

Round Three:

Steven: Haley

Jennifer: Lauren

Randy: Lauren

Four votes for Haley, three for Lauren, and just two for Scotty. Hmm. Curiouser and curiouser. But who do you think will be season 10’s second runner-up? Who should be? Vote in the polls below, and then sound off in the comments!

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