Now that Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark is back up and running after a three-week hiatus, the show is going to have to face some of the same theater critics who panned it in February — but perhaps not just yet. The $65 million musical’s producers are asking critics to withhold reviews of the revamped production until its new official opening date of June 14. “We have made it very clear that we are inviting critics to attend just ahead of the June 14 opening night date, once the show is frozen,” said spokesman Rick Miramontez in an exclusive statement to EW. “Everyone at Spider-Man is delighted that the critics remain so excited and anxious about this production, but we implore them to exercise some degree of restraint over the next few, short weeks leading up to opening night.”

In February, a third opening-night postponement prompted some of the nation’s top news outlets to run reviews of the accident-plagued musical, with some claiming the show was purposefully trying to evade critics by remaining in previews indefinitely. At least one newspaper, The Kansas City Star, has already run an advance pseudo-review of the retooled show.

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