Something Borrowed
Credit: David Lee

Don't be fooled by Rachel (Ginnifer Goodwin), one third of the inane Gen-Y love triangle in Something Borrowed. She may dress like the accomplished attorney she is, but she's fundamentally and forever a girlish doormat, born to submit to the demands of her narcissistic, sexually provocative best friend, Darcy (Kate Hudson, always game for playing a party girl). Darcy (note to Jane Austen: Sue!) is engaged to Dex (the Tom Cruise-faced Colin Egglesfield), a hot rich guy as passive as he is handsome. When he and Rachel met in law school, neither would make a romantic move, although the two simperers were obviously meant to be together. So Darcy snapped up Dex and is now planning her wedding. Life would be peachy if Dex and Rachel hadn't ? confessed their feelings on the night of her 30th birthday and ended up in bed. To quote Austen, "Oh no they dit-un't!"

Now we have to suffer, as this soul-sucking romantic comedy (based on the novel of the same name by Emily Giffin) rounds its inevitable bases: Rachel agonizes about hurting Darcy, Darcy bullies Rachel and Dex, and ? Dex stands there holding Heineken bottles. (There's a drinking game to be played each time the logo appears.) John Krasinski takes the role of Rachel's gay best friend — oops, he's not gay, just a writer. Krasinski has a great comic touch; his every reaction shot is a relief from the tedium of nobody telling the truth. And it's probably all he can do not to glance at the camera, Office-style, as if to say, "Can you believe how dumb this stuff is?" D+

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