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We’re just hours away from tonight’s two-part, one-hour season finale of Parks and Recreation, and if you want a tease of what’s in store, cocreator Mike Schur gave EW’s Dan Snierson 10 of them. Naturally, the first hint is about Leslie (Amy Poehler) and Ben (Adam Scott) trying to hide their new relationship from everyone so they don’t get in trouble with boss Chris (Rob Lowe). I cannot tell you how invested I am in these two staying together. Somewhere along the line — maybe in front of the wildflower mural on the second floor? — they became my favorite TV couple. I think it’s because while Tina Fey’s Liz Lemon is the TV character I most relate to, I wish it were Leslie Knope. I love that even though she can be the punch line, her friends and colleagues all respect her as much as she respects herself. Even though there are elements of the ridiculous about her job (and her commitment to it), they recognize that she’s good at it and deep down value her loyalty to the community and to them. Remember when Ben told Andy (Chris Pratt) that he thought Leslie and he liked each other? That Andy’s first response was “You’ve chosen well” made me want to hug the show’s writers. There’s no question that Leslie is a catch. Knowing that Ben appreciates Leslie’s passion and wouldn’t want to change that which defines her, makes me want to hug him, too (and see her make out with him, on his face).

Of course, that’s why Chris having a rule about government coworkers dating is a brilliant and dangerous complication. If the hour ends with Leslie having to choose between her job and Ben, I will dream of popping out from behind a tree during Chris’ daily run, kneeing him square in the nuts and shoving a McDonald’s cheeseburger in his mouth as he doubles over. Pretty sure Ron Swanson would post my bail. (I’d love to see Ron go to bat for Leslie with Chris and tell him she deserves the happiness Chris’ rule strips her of. But are we likely to get another tender Ron moment so close to him recalling what he told Leslie five years ago when she was offered the job in Eagleton?)

Your turn. Who’s your favorite TV couple now? They can be an official or still in the will-they-won’t-they phase. Below, two scenes that should not influence you in any way.

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