Credit: MTV

I’m not quite sure why MTV chose yesterday, of all days, to reveal its dream cast for a theoretical live-action movie based on Daria — but I’m not complaining. On the whole, the network’s casting choices are inspired, especially when it comes to their leading lady: Parks and Recreation star Aubrey Plaza, who knows a thing or two about playing smart, sarcastic, and deadpan, was basically born to play Daria. MTV’s picks for Daria’s parents, uptight Helen (Annette Bening) and hot mess Jake (Will Ferrell), are also nothing short of perfect. And I had to restrain myself from clapping in joy when I read who they selected to play Mr. DeMartino, Daria’s stressed-out, bug-eyed history teacher: Christopher Walken. Can’t you just hear him bellowing “CHEESE LOGS” in a fit of rage?

If only this were a real movie! It’s been nine long years since Daria went off the air — and since the show ended, there hasn’t been anything comparable to it on TV. Today’s cynical, high-school-aged social misfits have nobody to look up to, unless you count the pepbots of Glee (and I’m guessing those cynical misfits wouldn’t). So why not turn this hypothetical idea into a real, live movie? I know I’d be there on opening weekend, especially if Aubrey Plaza were involved. And if they went with Lizzy Caplan instead of Ellen Page for Jane.

Do you think a live-action version of Daria could ever work? What do you think of MTV’s casting choices? And do you agree that Daria‘s musical episode puts most other one-off musical episodes to shame?

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