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The fall television season is still months away, but excitement peaked this week, when the networks announced the shiny new shows that will replace last year's dregs. Back are some of our favorite faces in new vehicles: Tim Allen in Last Man Standing, Christina Applegate and Will Arnett in Up All Night. There's the Mad Men Effect (see: Pan Am, right, and The Playboy Club), and the Lost Effect (see: The River and Alcatraz). There's the latest U.K. imports (see: Prime Suspect and Free Agents). And then there's the Jurassic behemoth in the room, Steven Spielberg's Terra Nova.

Some of the offerings look DOA. (I'll be polite and not name names). But months before the premieres, every show has a chance. There are no Beautiful Lifes. Yet. Every show is the Next Modern Family, the Next House, the Next Closer. (That would be TNT's Major Crimes, by the way.)

But what show are you most anticipating this fall? Which show have you already programmed into your mental DVR? Sound off below.

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