By Kate Ward
Updated May 18, 2011 at 10:00 PM EDT

This is it. Tonight, our Top 3 must battle it out to become the Top 2, but their biggest foe is hardly one another. No, tonight is the night that our Idols will be drenched in blood, sweat, and tears tackling the most formidable enemy ever known to American Idol: The Producers’ Pick. Click here for appropriate sound effect. Will Haley Reinhart be slapped with a song from Rio, just as Syesha Mercado was forced to sing a Happy Feet number? Which contestant will be tasked with “Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me” or “I Don’t Want To Miss a Thing”? (Idol… must… not… embrace… change… arghhh!) Tune in tonight to see!

Tonight, however, is also the night our final three singers will be given a chance to cement their spot in the finals with a personal song choice. And, this time around, they won’t be limited to singing tunes from the likes of 60-year-old musicians who play badminton with Nigel Lythgoe. No, the Top 3 can choose any song they want (that Idol is willing to pay for). So what song should each sing? What tune will guarantee them a space in the finals? (Their choices may have already been leaked, but this is a non-spoiler zone, folks!) My picks are below:

Scotty McCreery: I’ve been waiting for it all season. And, boy, would I be on a high to hear the country fella’s version of Garth Brooks’ “I Got Friends in Low Places.” The song’s perfect for the lowest of his low tones and for the goofiest of his goofball stage antics. Be a friend and save “Your Man” for the finale, Scotty.

Lauren Alaina: After failing to convince us that she’s “evil” last week, Lauren has to stick with a sweet country tune that shows her off as the good ol’ girl she is. Who isn’t a sucker for the Dixie Chicks’ “Cowboy Take Me Away“?

Haley Reinhart: As season 10’s dark horse with, let’s face it, nary a chance of nabbing a spot in the finals over the pimped Scotty and Lauren, Haley’s got to make an impression on audiences. So, I might be crazy, but I’m rooting for criminally under-praised Haley to deliver a singing f— you telegram to the judges by performing Meredith Brooks’ “I’m a Bitch.” And that song suggestion is meant as a compliment.

Your turn, PopWatchers. What should the Top 3 sing?

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