Credit: Isabella Vosmikova/FOX

Raising Hope closes out its freshman season tonight with a bang. Well, actually, it’s a spitting match.

In this flashback episode, easily one of the season’s best, Jimmy goes goth, Maw Maw has all her marbles, and the rest of the Chance family are lazy freeloaders. “I think it’s the best episode of a good season,” says Garret Dillahunt, who plays Burt. “I think my favorite part of the episode is all the chance meetings or passings that happen [with] people that we don’t know that we’re heavily involved with in five years. I think that’s really cool.” His least favorite part? Well, the part that left him sitting opposite a real-life alpaca, covered in a spit-like goo, naturally.

“There are some things that are funny to watch but aren’t so funny to shoot. This was one of those,” he says laughing. “It made all these little noises, like [grunts, presumably like an alpaca would]. And we didn’t know if that was a satisfied sound or a dissatisfied sound.”

My prediction? Tonight’s episode will produce nothing but satisfied sounds.

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